Social Housing DT GDL - Taller de arquitectura

Social Housing DT GDL


Before the sprawl of the city of Guadalajara and the crisis of social housing, with the eventual abandonment of the developments away from the city, comes the alternative of re-densification of the first pictures of the city.

The project is based on logic and typology that has given life to the downtown area for many years: commercial ground floor and solid domain on the vain as the image of context. This reinterpreted in a contemporary and functional language for today’s lifestyle.

The project fully releases the ground floor of the project with stone courtyards and public use. They have three cores control lobby’s way with a small office center as a prelude to housing working out vertically.

The ground floor plan has premises that give service to the area. Provide citizens with public space, some shade and a place to just sit and relax. The perimeter of the field working as a vertical garden that aims to capture rainwater for reuse in the housing complex.

The building raises the apparent use of external building structure accompanying a lattice that gives privacy to housing, fully glazed, reducing him noise and harshness of the sun.

Conceptual / Conceptual    |   2013
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