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Architecture Radio Pavilion


“The world’s a stage”. William Shakespeare

The project proposes to modify the original concept of the transmission of information via radio, where from hidden places and often unknown the information is generated which people hear only the result but it is not aware of the event that produces it.

We reinterpreted the concept of Shakespeare Theatre model to develop our proposal, which starts from the premise that both spectators and actors are part of the work. To this end we chose a enveloping structure where exists the possibility of being in continuous interaction public / presenter (and vice versa) where people can stand and can move to the sector that is most attractive, enriching the experience.

The speaker(s) at the center of the space has the option of moving in the central scenario where the viewer is in different positions and heights creating between both tension and a constant flow of information, such as the flow of electrons that enable the generation of electromagnetic waves that allow the transmission of sound in air.

As a volumetric option we chose a basic form as a starting point, the circle, appears very rarely seen in this type of project is chosen. The object lands from the boundaries of the square space and distances from its neighbors generating additional perspectives to see and to be seen.

The proposal of having a perforated cylinder by the continuous succession of wooden poles commits for the forcefulness of the figure, its visual permeability and multiple shadows generated from the inner and outer. The interior is rebel slowly, controlling the information of its content creating expectation to the people moving around.

The cylindrical shape is deliberately affected topographically generating an upward spiral inside multiplicities of possible scenarios, views, distances, isoptic and panoptic, creating a different experience to the user as from the position where you are.

The entrance is solved by the removal of 5 modules assembled poles in tangential way to the boundary of the area of the stand. Taking advantage of the spaces resulting from rising spiral guard spaces are generated audio booth next to access the exhibition space for HP products, which has a presence from outside the pavilion.

In the shores of the idlers by vinyl is pretended to print the name of the pavilion as well as their master sponsors. Then on the inner ring that limits the scenario will be completed the issue of sponsorships using the same vinyl to print names and logos as shown in the interior view.

Conceptual / Conceptual    |   2014
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