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Lahia Marine Cancun


Project conceptualized as an attachment to a group of high-level departments in Cancun, Quintana Roo. As the client requires a complementary program, they got an adjacent land of 2,000 m2 next to the Nichupte Lagoon, allowing users to enjoy the sea and the lagoon within their same property.

The required program includes a beach club: terrace, sun deck, pool, movie theater and a pier on the lagoon. It has public restaurant, a small hotel with 12 rooms and 70 additional parking spaces.

The terrain with a slope street level of the lagoon, suggests us to use the parking lot as a base having a lateral access ramp that continues until the bottom of the land allowing to disembark directly onto the lagoon.

In level the lagoon is developed most of the beach club program and some hotel rooms that adjoin with garden and sun deck. At the top is located the restaurant that would operate to the public in general and to the beach club, it is annexed to General lobby and the rest of the guest rooms.

Comercial / Commercial    |   2015
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