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10.6 Office


The client wanted simple and practical offices for a top law firm in one of the main corporate buildings in the city of

We had a rectangular space measuring approximately 210 m2 with two glass sides offering good views of the city. The basic scheme was resolved with a main passageway and the inserting of a wooden ‘box’ inside a glass prism. This made the most of the available daylight and placed greater emphasis on the outdoor views to create an effect of depth and fluidity.

The large box with a maple wood lattice contains the offices’ service areas (kitchenette, bathroom, archive, site, etc.) Its presence is even and silent, in contrast with the glass surfaces that enshroud the productive areas clustered around the container.

The glass façade doubles up as a screen whose appearance changes with the daylight during the course of the day,
projecting an interesting set of shadows and interacting continuously with office personnel.

A basic spectrum of materials was chosen, featuring wood, granite and glass, along with two basic colors – black and white – for both the interior décor and the furniture.

Comercial / Commercial